Aranyfazék pastas (Golden Pot pastas)

Bácska, one of the most beautiful regions in Hungary, is located at the southern tip of Hungary. Dotted with sandy hills, its top quality soil is perfectly suited for wheat. The flour that is produced from these sunlit, golden fields is exceptionally good for making the most popular Hungarian pastas. But what could we do without the quality farm eggs we use to enrich our products in the same fashion that our ancestors recorded it?

We make our pastas traditionally, out of carefully sorted ingredients and with modern Italian technology at Kunbaja, so we can fill each package with the same golden and quality products. Because we believe in the magic of bouillon made with our pasta: it can make family dinners truly memorable. And we believe in the importance of Alphabeto, Hornlet, Egg barley, and all the pastas that can make dishes more complete, more delicious.

Enjoy your meal!